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"Theo has been nothing but helpful from the beginning in our pursuit in finding a kitten, she is passionate in what she does. The breed is exquisite not just in looks but in personality as well. Our little Burmese kitten, Edgar, is both affectionate and rambunctious, we never have a dull moment with him around. Thanks, Christina & Ryan July,2014"

"I recently obtained my little girl Mia from Seasedge Cattery and it was a pleasure working with Theo. She takes very good care of her kittens and you could tell that she loved them all. The kittens were vet checked and vaccinated prior to going to their new homes. Mia is a great addition to my family and my other cats took to her immediately. She loves to cuddle with me, my other cats and the little dog. She really surprised me when she taught herself how to play fetch so now we have this play time every day. Thanks very much Theo for my beautiful little girl. " Carol Nov. 2013

"We can’t express how much happiness our kittens have brought to our home! They are the center of attraction , and there personalities are a tribute to there breed . Thank you for all your support starting from the time of our inquiry until we finally got them home . Your caring nature, and allowing our play dates were very important to us . It was a pleasure ..... "

Joy & Kelly January, 2013

ABY the Burmese & WINSTON the Bombay-true partners in crime!

Winston on the left, black panther on the right..........definite similarities!!

ABY & WINSTON at 2 years

      The very handsome GIZMO

“Gizmo is wonderful, so so incredibly sweet and active. Cameron and I have been laughing and enjoying him non stop. Thank you for a perfect addition to our home.”

Tanya & Cam January, 2013

"Solomon is a very good cat - well mannered. A very curious cat who wants to be with his humans all the time."Tom, Prince Edward Island 2013

"My husband and I had the best experience with Theo at Seasedge Cattery. Communication was very easy from the get go, and Theo was extremely arranging. We fell in love with KUSMI our little Bombay female, at first sight, and knew we wanted her right away. It was extremely important for us to feel that the kittens were brought to this world in a good environment, as we did not want to feel like they they were coming from a factory! Theo's cats are all beautiful, happy and very well taken care of, and it shows! There are no secrets, and we are very grateful our first experience buying a kitten was such a good one. Our little panther is now almost 5 months old and in perfect shape. She is the light of our lives and getting more beautiful every day. Thank you again Theo! Orane, January, 2013

Kusmi at 11 months

Kusmi at 11 months

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