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About Seasedge

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My name is Theo Mitchell & I am the proud owner of Seasedge Burmese & Bombays, a small Nova Scotia, Canada, based cattery specializing in purebred Bombay & Burmese cats.

Seasedge Cattery is committed to promoting the beautiful Bombay and Burmese breeds of cats. I fell in love with these breeds several years ago and decided to breed them a couple of years ago with a view to introducing these wonderful cats to Atlantic Canadians and all who are looking for an exceptional feline addition to their home. As kittens, these breeds tend to look quite ordinary but as adults, they are beautiful with their silky, shiny coats and large, round eyes. These cats are medium-sized with females averaging 6-8 pounds and males 8-10. Both breeds are deceptively heavy for their sizes and have often been referred to as bricks wrapped in satin!

If you own one of these kitties you find out quickly why they are called the velcro cats. Bombays & Burmese become very attached to their humans and they often insist on helping you with everything imaginable around the house. Many tend to be very dog-like and will come when called, fetch, follow you around and can be taught to do tricks. Grooming requirements are minimal for these social cats and regular stroking and patting will usually suffice.

I show actively in the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) and the Canadian Cat Association (CCA) and am a member of both. I have shown very occasionally in the CFA and will be doing so more, in the future. Currently I have a Bombay male, a champagne Burmese male; 2 sable and 1 champagne Burmese & 1 Bombay female in my breeding program. My most recent litter was born in August, 2014.The sire is the grand champion Bombay and the dam, a sable Burmese. 

There are a few people who have been instrumental in supporting, encouraging and mentoring me by providing advice and/or kitties for my program and for whom I am deeply appreciative. Dolores Kennedy of Delian Cattery; Maureen Krzeszewski of Furryfaces; Anne-Micheline Pivin of Goodeburm; Brian Tripp of Evita and Troy Weier of Yash Bombays & Burmese. Locally, I have had the support of Heather MacDougall, Macpurrs Persians & Ocicats, Ellie Smith, Milbury Persians & Exotics and Hinka Chapman & Escenzia Cattery ..........thanks hardly seems adequate.

There is one very special person, without whom absolutely none of this would be possible- my best friend, Susan Sarkany (Peters). Sue has helped me with my kitties since day one, many years ago and cares for them in my absence. She shows unwavering love to them all and treats them as her own. The kitties and myself are so very lucky to have her in our lives. Many hugs my friend.

The ocean picture on my site is of the beach at the cottage on the beautiful Northumberland Strait, NS, hence the cattery name Seasedge. Enjoy the relaxing ocean sounds on this page. Thanks to my sister , CoraLee Corkum, for taking this lovely shot of a place that has been a special part of our families lives for decades.

Location: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

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