Seasedge Burmese & Bombays - Home to minature black parlor panthers!
Previous Litters

Nerissa & Hermes Litter - May 2015


Summer 2013

Burm girl in box
Baby meowing
4 at 8 days
Day 12
Little girl  
Burm baby close-up 
Mom & Bombay boy. Cuddling with Mom at a few days old 
Bombay boy iin box
baby close up
Burm boy in box 

3.5 Weeks Old

yoda. Maybe ET has a long lost relative somewhere......?
Burm girl from Rhea

4 peas in a pod

4 - 5 Weeks Old

kitten 5 wks
look up 5 wks
kitten 5 wk stalking.

7 Weeks Old

feeding at 8 weeks
Dinner time at 7 weeks, their coats are lovely and shiny already. 

5 too. Seven week old July 2014 litter with an 18 week old  champagne female thrown in for good measure. Coats are short, close-lying and shiny. Easy to groom.
4 plus 1 at 7 weeks. Nerissa, the champagne girl on the right is 18 weeks old

Bom & rissy. Who is teaching who!? Baby bombay male giving his   7 week old Bombay male & 18 week old champagne Burmese female, Nerissa