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Bombay babies have arrived! They are 2.5 weeks old. Please contact me for inquiries and reservations.

Burmese babies are due the week of August 23, 2022. Please contact me for reservations. My NEW email is below. 

**** I have a NEW E-MAIL address: ****

We have added 2 new boys to our breeding program.

Templebar Dukeofgogarty  comes with big thanks to Mette Lambert, Denmark. Duke had a great kitten show career with TICA where he was the BEST BURMESE IN THE 

 WORLD  IN 2019-2020. Judges loved this handsome, sweet boy who was shown to perfection by my breeding partner, Charmayne Anderson  just outside of outside of Toronto, Ontario.


The 2018-2019 has been going great!

*Seasedge kittens were Best and 2nd Best cat in shows in

Fredericton, NB and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

* Yash Kai of Seasedge has been striving for the last honour available to him and he has achieved it! Kai is now a CCA Grand of Distinction. This means that in three different years he has been in at least 30 finals each of those years. He is a wonderful ambassador for the Bombay breed and will continue to be in show halls as an exhibition kitty so folks can see him.

Seasedge has added a new boy to our breeding program. Meet Seasedge Seger, a handsome platinum Burmese. He will be making his show debut in a CCA show April 13 & 14 in Moncton, NB. He will be in his second show on the Easter weekend at the International Center in Mississauga, Ontario. It will be a 17 ring TICA show. 

Seasedge had another great show season in 2017-2018!

Seasedge Nixie is:

* Canadas' 3rd BEST CAT in CCA (with over 7000 points!)

* BEST Cat In CCA Region 3

* Best Bombay in Canada and Region 3

* Best Cat in ACFA Eastern Canada Region

* Best Bombay in ACFA EC Region

Kitzspa Hali of Seasedge is:

* Canadas' 34th Best Cat

* Canadas' 25th Best Kitten

* CCa Region 3, 3rd Best Kitten

* CCA Region 3, 7th Best Cat

* ACFA EC Region 3rd Best Kitten

* ACFA EC Region 6th Best Cat

Welcome to the home of Canadas' BEST CAT

2015-2016 & 2016-2017

Canadian Cat Association (CCA)

Best Cat Eastern Canada Region in

American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA)

SMGC Yash Kai of Seasedge

Home of Canadas' 2nd BEST KITTEN in

Canadian Cat Association (CCA)

3rd Best Kitten in Eastern Canada Region in

American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA)



The last couple of years have been stellar for Bombays Kai and Nixie and most recently Hali of Seasedge, a lovely sable Burmese female. They have been consistently in the best of the best cats/kittens in show and they are a dream to show with their wonderfully affectionate and playful temperaments. My breeding mission at Seasedge is to introduce the general public to and educate them about the striking miniature black panther. To date, the Seasedge kitties have been very well received by the public and judges alike.

I have shown in 5 different associations in the last year- American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA), Canadian Cat Association (CCA), Cats Canada (CCC), Cat Fanciers Associaiton (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA).



Lots of willing participants come show weekend!

I have been very busy with my work (full-time special needs teacher) and have not been diligent in posting my kitties show results- mea culpa. Suffice it to say I continue to be humbled and thrilled with the accolades the Seasedge felines are awarded.

Oct. 2016: The father-daughter duo continue their winning ways.

Just when you think things can’t go any better at a show for your kitties- they do! The father-daughter duo of Yash Kai of Seasedge and Seasedge Nixie, brought home some major hardware from the Fundy Fanciers show.

Seasedge Nixie was:

• Best Kitten in show on Saturday

• Best Kitten in show on Sunday

• Best Kitten in show Overall

• Best Black cat

• Highest scoring Maritime-bred cat in show

Not to be outdone by his youngster, Kai was:

• 3rd Best Cat in show on Saturday

• Best Cat in show on Sunday

• Best Cat in show overall

• 3rd Best Black Cat

Thanks to the Fundy Fanciers club for another fun-filled Halloween production. It was spooktacular!


2016:Kai has sired his first litter with Seasedge Yara

Seasedge is keeping one of his gorgeous daughters and adding her to the program. She is very much her fathers' daughter in body & head type with lovely copper eyes. Introducing:


In her very first show at the age of 17 weeks, she was 3rd best of the Best Kitten in show AND voted spectator favorite in the kitten class.

In her second show Sept. 10 & 11, Nixie was Best Kitten in show. Her poppa, Kai, was Best Cat in show. Seasedge Bombays are being very well received and rewarded by the judges.

We were thrilled to have pictures taken by the world-renowned Helmi Flick & her husband Ken who made the very long trip to Nova Scotia from Texas.

News & Events

Upcoming 2017 Shows Seasedge will be participating in!

January 28 & 29, Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland, Maryland State Fairgrounds (ACFA)

February 25 & 26, Kingston, Ontario,Portsmouth Olympic Harbor (CCA)

March 18 & 19, Hamilton, Ontario, Ancaster Fairgrounds (CCA)

April 1 & 2, Moncton, CCA, NB, Moncton Lions Club (CCA)

April 8 & 9, Sherbrooke, Quebec (TICA)

April 14, 15,& 16, Mississauga, Ontario, International Center (CCA)

April 29 & 30, Tampa, Florida (ACFA)

June 3 & 4, Fredericton, NB, Richard Currie Center, UNB (ACFA)

June 24, 25, Belleville, Ontario (CCA)

July 8, 9, Halifax, NS (CCA)

August 26, 27 CNE, Toronto, Ont. (CCA)

Sept. 9, 10, International Center, Mississauga, Ont. (CCA)

Sept. 17, 17, Cole Harbour Place, Dartmouth, NS (ACFA)

Sept. 23, 24, Napean Sportsplex, Ottawa, Ont (CCA)

Oct. 22, London, Ont (CCA)

Oct. 28, 29, Halifax Forum, Halifax, NS (CCA)

Nov 4, 5, Montreal, Quebec, (TICA)

Nov. 18, 19, Sherbrooke, Quebec, (CCC)

Nov. 25, 26 Centre SportXpo, Laval, Quebec (CCA)


October 15, London, Ontario

Oct. 22 & 23, Halifax Forum, Halifax, NS

Oct. 29 & 30, Ottawa, Ontario

Nov. 5 & 6, Orlando, Florida

Nov. 27 & 28, Laval, Quebec


Bluenose & Lucky Paws Cat Club Shows:

Sept. 17 & 18 at Cole Harbor Place, Dartmouth, NS

Plan on dropping by to see the Seasedge kitties and 25+other breeds and the wonderful household pets. Vendors on site!

Yash Kai of Seasedge had a dream show season in 2015-2016. He was in over 100 judging rings and missed only 7 finals. In every show, he was in the Best of The Best Cats at least once. A dream to show, he was a hit with all who met him. A sweet, gentle goof-ball who is such a wonderful ambassador for this rare breed. Many thanks to the judges, sponsors- especially Royal Canin, Alexandre Levielle, Cathy Simmonds, Susan Sarkany ( Peters) and fellow exhibitors who cheered him on enthusiastically.  

Yash Kai of Seasedge's show career is off to a great start. (Click to Read More)

I am happy to introduce him to spectators, many of whom have never heard of, let alone seen, a Bombay. Kai is a solidly built male who, at 1.5 years of age is starting to "fill-in" and show the maturity of an adult. He is a super cuddle bug and seems to enjoy the attention he is receiving from humans! 

Future pairings at Seasedge are now being planned and we hope to add new cats to the program.

Yash Kai of Seasedge at 9 months

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