Seasedge Burmese & Bombays - Home to minature black parlor panthers!
Welcome to the home of Canadas' TOP CAT in Canadian Cat Association
SMGC Yash Kai of Seasedge

Kai has sired his first litter with Seasedge Yara

Seasedge is keeping one of his gorgeous daughters and adding her to the program. She is very much her fathers' daughter in body & head type with lovely copper eyes. Introducing:

In her very first show at the age of 17 weeks, she was 3rd best of the Best Kitten in show AND voted spectator favorite in the kitten class.

In her second show Sept. 10 & 11, Nixie was Best Kitten in show. Her poppa, Kai, was Best Cat in show. Seasedge Bombays are being very well received and rewarded by the judges.

We were thrilled to have pictures taken by the world-renowned Helmi Flick & her husband Ken who made the very long trip to Nova Scotia from Texas.

Champagne Burmese and Bombay litters are planned for late this year and early 2017. Yara has visited with Kai and we are hoping for Bombay kittens around the first week of December. Nerissa will be visiting with Hermes and champagne kittens are hoped for in December. Mother Nature will decide when the time is right!
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News & Events

October 15, London, Ontario

Oct. 22 & 23, Halifax Forum, Halifax, NS

Oct. 29 & 30, Ottawa, Ontario

Nov. 5 & 6, Orlando, Florida

Nov. 27 & 28, Laval, Quebec

Sept. 10 & 11 at the Dartmouth, Holiday Inn, NS
Plan on dropping by to see us. Both Kai and his daughter and 3 other Seasedge kitties will be there with 25+other breeds and the wonderful household pets. Vendors on site!

Yash Kai of Seasedge had a dream show season in 2015-2016. He was in over 100 judging rings and missed only 7 finals. In every show, he was in the Best of The Best Cats at least once. A dream to show, he was a hit with all who met him. A sweet, gentle goof-ball who is such a wonderful ambassador for this rare breed. Many thanks to the judges, sponsors- especially Royal Canin, Alexandre Levielle, Cathy Simmonds, Susan Sarkany ( Peters) and fellow exhibitors who cheered him on enthusiastically.  

Yash Kai of Seasedge's show career is off to a great start. (Click to Read More)

I am happy to introduce him to spectators, many of whom have never heard of, let alone seen, a Bombay. Kai is a solidly built male who, at 1.5 years of age is starting to "fill-in" and show the maturity of an adult. He is a super cuddle bug and seems to enjoy the attention he is receiving from humans! 
Future pairings at Seasedge are now being planned and we hope to add new cats to the program.

Yash Kai of Seasedge at 9 months